Spacesynth|Retrowave Power Hit Radio FM broadcasting stream with Space Music. Spacesynth and Retrowave Hits only 4 U! Listeners can enjoy a vast catalog of known and unknown tracks, various kinds of latest Electronic, Instrumental, Synth Pop, etc. We are streaming music and programs both in online and broadcasting 24/7!

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Spacesynth is a genre of music that had its beginnings in the early to mid 80’s. The genre evolved from the Italo disco scene (mainly synthy Italian 80’s music sung in English). Italo producers had forsaken vocals and supplemented the absence with vocoders and cosmic effects. At first the product sounded like instrumental Italo however soon the genre developed into a form of its own as more and more producers began to lend their talent to it.So,my love for music was evident from a young age! Ever since every attempt by my parents to put me to sleep without music, it was really very difficult!So, growing up, the germ called music entered my life.Today,I decided to start an radio station,to share with you the best songs of Spacesynth!

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